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This page is a directory for the parents that are having there first, second, third or tenth child! I have collected for you the websites that will educate, guide, and answer any of the questions you might have during or after your pregnancy. If you still have any questions, I am a phone call away.

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association                                     

Pregnancy Information                                                                      

Resource Of Birth Centers                                                                             

Helping Women Make Informed Decisions                             

Tampa Bay Birth Network                                                        

Tampa Bay Doula Services                                                                  

Makin' Miracles                                                                                               

International Cesarean Awareness Network                                       

Holistic Pediatric Association                                                                                  

Massage Therapy Training For Pregnancy & Birth                    

Bradley Method Of Natural Childbirth                                                  

International Childbirth Education Association                                                    

Midwifery Today                                                                                          

Doulas Of North America                                                                                               

Natural Pregnancy, Birth, Children, & Parenting         


La Leche League                                                                                                 

Coalition For Improving Maternity Services               

Birthing The Future: Suzanne Arms                                              

National Vaccine Information Center                                                              

Easier Childbirth With Optimal Fetal Positioning                        

Information In Avoiding Unnecessary Cesareans                   

Educating Women About Birth In Water                                                     

Breath Of Life - Birth Center                                                                           

Labor Of Love - Birth Center                                                                                  

Drugwatch (medication risk, recalls, etc.)