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* Formally a Professor at

St. Petersburg College 

* Member of the Tampa Bay Birth Network

    * Certified from the        Academy of Family Practice and Webster Technique Certified

    *  2001 Magna Cum Laude Graduate of Life University

    * Honors Graduate of the University of Florida

    * Member of the Chiropractic Honorary Society

    * Who's Who Recipient

Dr. Teri 

  It all started in sixth grade. I began to suffer from head-aches. At first they would not happen often but when they would occur I would be unable to open my jaw and I would be in bed for days. Then it started to happen more frequently.

  I went to the  dentist and was given braces and a day splint. This helped some. However, after the braces were removed I again began getting headaches. By this time I pretty much had a headache daily but only considered it one if I was stuck in bed with it. So began my quest for help...

  I went the medical route. I was told I had TMJ syndrome. I was told that I had classic migraines. I was told that I suffered from depression. I was told that it was hormonal. I was told that it was all in my head. 

  I was given a full spectrum of drugs. I was put on 1000mg of aspirin daily. I was put on birth control. I was given muscle relaxants, strong painkillers and numerous cycles of steroids. I was then given antidepressants.

  That was it! I was tired of the whole game. I was now 20 years old and could not deal with it anymore. I decided to have surgery on my jaw. It seemed there was nothing else left to do. It was affecting my life so  much and studying for college was becoming unbearable - I wanted to go to medical school. Six months after the surgery it all came back - the surgery was $30,000 AND IT DID NOTHING!

  Lucky for me at the time my Dad started seeing a Chiropractor for his shoulder. He also was tired of the medical "answers" and went as a last resort. 

  I began seeing his Chiropractor, and no it was not cured overnight. It took time. I kept going and after a month or so I was taking less aspirin, then suddenly I stopped taking all prescriptions. Even my dull headaches were beginning to go away. I was so happy. Then I saw how much my Chiropractor loved his job. It was then that I decided I wanted to become a Chiropractor.

  Chiropractic has opened my eyes to so many other wonderful life decisions. Chiropractic is a beautiful basic life solution. I know when I care for my patients I am not treating back pain, neck pain, or any other ailments. Rather I am opening  up blocked pathways so that the body can express itself and heal itself. Your body is a wonderful machine that wants to move toward health -

I just help remove the interference and let it do the rest.

My Story....